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TheMelatauns-BardsofMelatonia a me3lataun christmas_1a me3lataun christmas_1We are diligently working on finishing the New Cd for a Fall release.But as many Musicians and Fans alike know “The Money ain’t right!” We have 9 new tunes still in various Stages before we can Master.3/4 of them are reasonably close to Ready.We still need any Support we can get from You guys.So for 10.00 donation you can download our Dropbox folder and Receive “Bards of Melatonia” and the Christmas Song with cd artwork for Both.Plus we’ll  include our Mardi Gras tune.or six songs for 5 bucks can be sent directly to Your email.Hey we won’t snicker at any donations even a Dollar will get you a Thank You email.We use Paypal once recieved we will send you an Invite to the Folder”Bards of Melatonia if you donate 10.00 bucks or More.Thanks for any support lets keep it Indie!

Modern Rock Review of Bards of Melatonia

With an album full of tightly executed tracks, Bards of Melatonia by The Melantauns is a must-have for any connoisseur of authentic New Orleans blues-rock. But this album is far more than a simple genre-based album, as several styles are presented in turn from the groovy funk of “Smoke” to the rockabilly ballad “Pool Fool” to the eighties pop influenced “Please” to the new wave rock of “Red Eye to Austin”.

Free Tunes From The Melatauns

If you like Us or just curious to what our sound is.We got a Free Download for you! Its our Fan appreciation Month July and If you like them Please buy some of our other tunes That are availible on Itunes,Cd Baby and all the other Music Services.

New Melatauns CD Coming Soon!

We have been Hard at Work on the New Cd.It promises to be we think even better than the first One! Horns are sounding Great and The Guitars are rippin! We also have added 2 New Guitarist to our regular Lineup.Sam Camarata and Benny Musmeci an Old Friend who I played in Bands with Years ago.Our other Guitarists are still in the Band and will be featured on Gigs also but for now these guys have filled the spot Nicely.Thanks for all the support from you guys and remember you can help us out by purchasing our songs from Cd Baby or Itunes or any of the other Major and Minor Download services.

Mardi Gras 2014 season is here and We have our Free Song Finished Enjoy!

Just click on The Song and on the right hand side of the Box click the arrow pointing Down and Presto! One free Mardi Gras Tune from the Melatauns to you! Song Features John Rodli Guitar and King James of the Specialmen on Lead Guitar.Bruce Brackman and Dominique Grillo on Bari.Pat Ricks and Robert Snow Vocals,Eddie Perret on Drums and Anthony Donado on Bass Drum.Funky New Orleans Street Beat!


Brother D and The Melataun (4)


Bards of Melatonia

Bards of Melatonia


The Melatauns are an Elite Group of New Orleans Local Jazz Rock and Funk Musicians who play with many different bands and studio sessions.They come together over the past 4 years and record and do a Handful of gigs a year.They are the Brainchild of Robert Snow and Pat Ricks.Who have been making Music for the past 30 years!The Musicians include but are not Limited to Andy J. Forest,Casey Mccalister,Meschiya Lake,Bruce Brackman,Dominque Grillo, Derrick Huston,Robert Snow,Pat Ricks,Robby Snow,Ronnie Snow Jr.,Sidney Snow,Jacques Delatour,Ian Smith,Matt Rhody,Irene Sage,Anthony Donado,John Preble,Sean Clark,Keith Anselmo and many other Pro working New Orleans Musicians.Most can be found working nightly on Frenchmen Street the Hot spot for Music In New Orleans.