The Melatauns Live 3/5/17 Old Arabi Bar

The Melatauns Kickin It Live @OAB!

It's happening now…..The Melatauns

Posted by Old Arabi Bar on Saturday, March 4, 2017


Happy Holidays !

It’s Dat Time of Year  Brah! We working Hard on at Least 8 new songs.We plan on dropping a new Single every month this Year.If you so feel inclined purchase one of our Tunes for yourself are a Friend.We are  a New Orleans group of working  Frenchmen Street Musicians.We play with many of New Orleans Top Bands.If you have been here you probably saw at least one of us performing with some Band around Frenchmen Street. Most of all This Band stays true to that New Orleans Sound no matter if it’s funk,Swing,or Latin Our Music sounds like New Orleans!



Newest Melatauns Single available for Download On Cd Baby.

Soon on Itunes and all other DD Sites.This is our return to more Funky Rock New Orleans Style.We hope you enjoy.Lots of Screamin Guitar and Horns in the Tune.We hope you like and will support us by purchasing one of our tunes are a whole Cd if you like.We also have lots of free tunes on our soundcloud page.for 99 cents it’s  less than the cost of a Cup of Coffee!

Our Halloween Song with a Video is Free To Download!

Yep its a Free Download and also there are a few Hidden Tunes on The Soundcloud Page That if you do some lookin you can find more free tunes in our Catalogue of 40 tunes on Soundcloud.Give it a Try you may come out with 4 or 5 Free Tunes.also remeber if you like those Tunes Try buying one of our others.We could use some help.It costs money to keep making Good Music!

Our Newest Video “Evette” Thanks TimecodeNola!

We still Have some fine Movie People left In New Orleans and when it comes to Festivals and such Timecodenola is the best.Randy and Jackie go beyond the norm for this video its a Song off our 2nd Cd Knuckle Sandwich.We hope you like it as much as we do.Thanks  for checking us out!

Bad Review from Offbeat

Well Ya can’t Please all The People all the Time and Besides who gets Nothing but Great Reviews anyway.I get That some people wont ubderstand That we don’t wanna Be a Perfect Pitch Perfect Tuning Nashville/Hollywood Type recording Band.As i said many times before We are a New Orleans Band.Listen to the old New Orleans Bands Man They had issues with Songs but what Great Music! New Orleans has always been About The feeling of the Music Not some Perfect Notion of Canned Muzak! Thats the problem with the Music Industry Muzak!! We have an awesome Band and lots of Awesome Friends That Pitch in To Help us and Many are with Other Local New Orleans Bands.Ya see we are a Family of Tight knit Musicians here and you cant Hurt us with a Bad review.So Thanks For your opinion and now go do some research on Us and find out a Lil More about Us.